Bathroom renovations can be a very expensive venture. The main question many of our clients ask us is: ‘How do I renovate without breaking the bank? How do I ensure that I get quality and at the same time afford a gorgeous bathroom?’ At Renovate Bathrooms, we strive to give you the best bathroom at an affordable cost starting from $9,999.

Below are 5 simple bathroom renovations on a budget tips that will save you a great deal of money:


When it comes to tiling, always remember that this is a very important feature of your bathroom. It’s what can make your bathroom look ugly or beautiful. Also keep in mind moisture and how it can affect your tiles. So which is the best tile to use? The ceramic tile is a classic choice for your bathroom walls. With this tile, as long as it is properly applied, moisture will never be a cause of alarm or a problem. From ancient times the ceramic tile has withstood tests and has been used even for standing-water surfaces such as inside a bathtub and pool.


But how do I ensure I don’t overspend on tiles?

Let the design be your main consideration. All tiles have grout which means lines. Lines create patterns which can either enhance or reduce your bathroom’s appearance. The use of too much tile can make a room feel busy, cumbersome and even depressing. Partially tiling the wall is a good idea. Ceramic tiles used as wainscot (lining applied to the lower part of the walls of a room) usually stops at a certain point on the wall, around 36 inches to 38 inches.

Bathroom renovation - mixed material

2.Mixed material floor

Mixed material floor is one easy way to bring life into your bathroom.  Infact you can be the next bathroom trendsetter by mixing gorgeous materials on your bathroom floor at an affordable price.

For instance, you can add some variety underfoot by combining textures—in this case, for an unexpected twist that brings the great outdoors inside the use of wood planks and pebble tiles will give you a fabulous finish.

3.Don’t overdo

At times less is better especially if you have that minimalistic idea in mind. One of the best way to not overdo is to go monochrome. If you are a minimalist and none of the bathrooms ideas above do it for you, then all hope is not lost. You can go for the drama of all one material — and lots of it. Many glass mosaic tiles are quite affordable. Go for it and do the whole bathroom. At Renovate Bathrooms we can make it work affordably for you with our huge array of affordable tiles


4.Window ledge

Create beautiful and affordable space by carving out extra shelf space in a tight tub-and-shower area by adding a ledge to an existing windowsill. Be sure to use a material that can withstand exposure to water, such as cellular PVC.


Be very cautious when it comes to DIY bathroom adventures. When dealing with a vanity remember that you want to keep the plumbing work right where it is. When you use the existing piping you will save tremendously.

The vanity is the focal point of most bathrooms. Vanities can easily drain your pockets and this is why you don’t have to spend a fortune to find an option to you love. There’s no reason to sacrifice style and function for budget’s sake. The 2 most important things to put in mind when choosing a vanity is storage and size.


Vanities are designed simply to hold a sink and faucet but they can be used to do more. Think about how you use your cabinet and choose one that suits your lifestyle. If space is limited, maximize storage with a cabinet featuring plenty of drawers and shelves. If you don’t have time for being tidy, choose a cabinet with storage that’s hidden behind doors.

Before choose what size of vanity you want (maximum height, width, and depth) remember to account for doors and drawers that will open into the space. Secondly, if you’re replacing a cabinet, pay attention to the flooring beneath it. Having to replace tile or hardwood to accommodate a new cabinet can turn a value vanity into a budget buster that you aren’t prepared for.

You are our number one priority. Our bathroom renovations on a budget ensure you save money and at the same time give you that stunning dream bathroom. Call us today on 0470390894 for an amazing renovation.