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Bathrooms-Vanity tips: What to look for

Why bother having the right kind of bathroom vanity? Your bathroom vanity should never be a second guess. Not only should it just be beautiful but also have all the functionality that suits your everyday needs. The choice you make will either make you feel dissatisfied or relaxed and cosy that you nailed exactly the look you wanted.

Consider the following 3 tips as you make a choice for your vanity:


The size of the vanity is a key factor to be considered as you do not want a vanity that will take up all your bathroom space in case of a small bathroom neither do you want it too small for a big bathroom. For small spaces, more cabinets under the vanity are a sure way to create storage room without stress. It is very important to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Ask yourself these simple questions: Can I move around the bathroom with ease? Can I clean the bathroom with ease? Can I swing doors and drawers open properly?


Do not overlook the importance of storage space. As you think about bathroom ideas for your dream bathroom, keep in mind that it can be very disheartening to have a cluttered counter top.

The storage space should be done in such a way that will make the bathroom space look neat and tidy on a daily basis. If you do collect a lot of clutter, you can also consider a corner unit or shelf to supplement your storage space.

Right height and fit

Do not gamble on the height and fit of your bathroom vanity as you do not want to strain your back as you do your morning routine. A proper vanity height should be 32 inches although the range can be anywhere from 30 to 36 inches. What is of top most importance when deciding on the height is the vessel sink height, the comfortable height that you want and the standard height in the market.Finding a vanity that matches your bathroom aesthetics, style and space is worth spending the time on because if you get it wrong, your bathroom will never give you the comfort and look you deserve.

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