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House Renovation-Why Renovate? Some small ‘ignored’ details

Any home renovation project that you undertake will definitely upgrade the value of your home and increase its market value.


Not only does a home renovation add a fresh new lease of life to the house but also to the people who own and live in it. It is like a having a new beginning or a continuation of a journey of better times ahead.


A renovation is a very exciting process as you literally paint out the picture in your mind into a reality. Attention to detail will show anyone who visits your house that you really care. Never underestimate even those small minute details that will make a prospective buyer run for your house. We strive to bring out that wow factor for some of those ‘ignored’ house features that will take your house to number one in the market place. Consider some of these basic tips:

Door Upgrade

A simple front door upgrade will do wonders to the way your house looks. The door is the first thing anyone will see even before they enter the house. At a glance the door makes a very big first impression about the house.


A gazebo and patio if you have that extra space on the outside is also another sure way of adding beauty to those wonderful meals you want to have outside and to entertain guests. Do not overlook how a fresh new remodelled or added patio can revamp your home layout.

Pet Area

In addition a pet area for pet lovers is also a small minute detail that you can consider having. You can give your pet a comfortable haven underneath the stairs.

Finally, Say goodbye to throwing clothes on the sofas by fitting hooks on the entry way for hanging coats, bags and keys. This will give your home a neat and tidy look.

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