House renovation & extensions of any kind are taxing at the best of times but here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind for a smooth renovation:


Diligent research is the number one key factor before any type of project begins, more so home renovation or improvement. Research will save you a lot of future heartache and time. Google, read magazines and ask friends so that you can have your project done with peace of mind. This will also help you find out any loop holes that no one else can disclose to you.


The budget not only involves the money that you will use on the renovation but also the money you will need if you have to move from your house for the renovation to progress. Also put in mind that you do not want to cut corners to save on a few dollars then end up with a disaster. Also try to stick with an original plan so that you don’t end up with an over inflated budget that will leave you swimming in debt after your remodeling.

Choose a reputable company

Do not second guess on this. A builder who knows what they are doing will save you a lot of headaches. Horror renovation stories are real by the way so you do not want to gamble on this key factor. The company you work with should be committed to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We ensure that you enjoy this journey for your dream remodelled project.

Time factor

A remodel can take time to be completed. This means that for a while your home will be in the hands of builders. You have to be flexible to let them work without any interruptions. Here you can priotize with a list of what you want done first. This list will give you something to budget, work and plan for in the most realistic time frame. Try to get a sense of how long your remodelling will take so that you can make proper arrangements to move out and be available in case you are needed at the site.


Enjoy the process

Working with the right builders will relieve you of any stress. Once in a while you can pop in to ensure that the project is being done according to your specification. So now that you know these simple tips get started with your renovation. Call us today on 0470390894.