Do you have a tiny claustrophobic bathroom space? Are you so in love with your house or apartment but the bathroom looks small, too crowded and gives you an AAAAARGH feeling? Are you wondering how to make your bathroom area cozy and spacious? 

Below are 5 tips that will give your small bathroom a spacious wow factor:

Tip # 1: Floating vanity or corner bathroom sink

Floating vanity or corner sink

Whether we want to admit it or not, the vanity is the showstopper in the bathroom. Depending on the style, traditional vanities that sit on the floor often make a bathroom look overcrowded and cluttered. A floating vanity is not only a showstopper in a small bathroom, but it can also be a great solution for making a small bathroom feel bigger.

A floating vanity in a small bathroom gives a luxurious look and helps keep the bathroom clean, and also gives you greater access to heating and cooling vents. Floating vanities also break up the bulkiness that old traditional vanities might bring to your bathroom. So if you love a modern, neat and classy look the floating vanity is one of the best and simplest ways to give your tiny bathroom a minimalist yet modern look.

In addition to a floating vanity you can also consider a corner sink to make the most of your limited bathroom inches. It saves floor space while still standing out as a stylish piece. Corner sinks take things up a notch higher by taking up otherwise unused and awkward space in the bathroom corner. This will then free up room for other bathroom features. 

Tip # 2: Embrace vertical space for renovation

Embrace vertical space

I have in the past struggled with storage space in the bathroom where space was so minimal that I had to come up with several hacks that make use of vertical space.

There are plenty of ways to make use of your bathroom walls to create the amount of space you need.

i) Are you short on shelf space in the shower? Mounting an extra shower rod clip and using hang shower curtain clip rings along the length of it is a simple way to add space which you can then insert your body wash and shampoo on the rod. This won’t take up any surface space.

ii) Storage shelves can be easily installed using wood above the bathroom door. They can also be installed on the walls to create space.

iii) Door mounted towel racks are a quick solution for towel storage if you don’t have enough wall space.

iv) Vertical fruit racks can also be placed in a bathroom as a storage solution to a tiny space.

Tip # 3: Declutter- Less is more

Declutter- Less is more

There is one simple rule here; keep counters clutter free. This is easier said than done. Decluttering is more of a habit that one has to pick up to make the bathroom look and feel neat. Why have old perfume bottles and toothbrushes which you don’t use on the vanity? If you really are in dire need of storage space in a small bathroom, you can make use of under the counter space to create room for items which you really need like a first aid kit.

Tip # 4: Proper lighting and the color white

Proper lighting and the color white

Have you ever been freaked out by a dark bathroom? Well I have. When it comes to interior lighting, some home owners give the least consideration to the bathroom. Your bathroom is your private sanctuary, do not neglect and underestimate the use of proper lighting.

Why have a mirror which you can’t see yourself because you only have one top light? Consider the use of installing lighted mirrors around your bathroom mirrors. This is an easy way to save space and at the same time have all the ample light that you need.

One of the other simplest way to give your small bathroom a sleek feel of luxury and space is to use the color white-white tiles, white vanity and white paint. This not only creates a feel of space but also a feel of freshness.

Tip # 5: Use large mirrors and big tiles

Tip # 5: Use large mirrors and big tiles

For a small bathroom, big mirrors and tiles are the best. Big mirrors not only create an illusion of space but also an illusion of height.  If you can, install a mirror that goes all the way to the ceiling behind your sink. This makes the ceilings look much higher while at the same time expanding the square footage of your bathroom.

In conclusion

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